This game is located exclusively at Circus Park and nowhere else in Central Europe. HADO uses Augmented Reality (AR) technology in combination with a motion sensor, smartphone and sports to create a brand-new experience called Techno Sports. Be a hero and experience it for yourself! Avoid monsters and load special powers to defeat them. Universally popular with children and adults.

Web: Official HADO website


Currently the most popular VR game, which is not available anywhere else in the Czech Republic. Players use virtual laser sabers to slash approaching objects to the rhythm of the music.

Web: Official Beat Saber website

Air Park

An inflatable theme park measuring 13 x 8m is a great new attraction that you can try exclusively at Circus Park.


A four-lane slide, spiral tube slide, ball pit, 3 trampolines, battering ram swing, trumpet slide and much more, all with a total area of 300 m2.

Bouncy pudding

An inflatable pudding or pillow is a bouncing attraction in our game zone measuring 7 x 10m.

5D cinema

We’ll sit you in comfortable seats, lend you active 3D glasses and then the show can begin! Your seats will move with you in almost all directions, with first-class surround sound and special effects such as wind or water vapor to enhance the feeling of being right there in the film. Would you like a relaxing journey into the depths of the ocean or a wild adrenaline roller coaster ride? You can choose from more than twenty films of different genres that will entertain the whole family.

Electric cars

These are cars for very young children in the shape of quads and animals.


An interactive entertainment system that combines physical activity and virtual reality. The uniqueness of Knoocker lies in the use of balls to control the game. The player’s task is to throw balls at the animations displayed on the interactive wall. Several players can throw, bounce or even kick balls at the same time.

Web: Official Knoocker website

Two towers

The towers are connected by a tube. A spiral toboggan slide drops from one of the towers and children can reach it by climbing through the elastic webbing in the spider tower. The second tower can be accessed up a spiral staircase, with suspended cylinders at the top.

Baby corner (0-3 years old)

The children’s corner has a tower with a two-lane slide and a spiral slide, with game panels placed around the perimeter. Building blocks/shapes made of PUR foam, soft toys and a revolving hamster wheel are located throughout the area.


Two trampolines with a total area of 5.5 × 5.5m surrounded by a protective net.

Children’s rockers

Children’s train

Game machines