Operating Rules and Rules for Visitors
“Circus Park – Children’s World”

located at Olympia Teplice Shopping Centre, Srbická 464, 415 01
Operator: BOWNESSIE s.r.o., ID No.: 061 77 43, with its registered office at K Horkám 2284/1, 149 00 Prague Chodov

“Circus Park – Children’s World” hereinafter “Children’s World”.

Children’s World is designed for children from the age of 0-18 and is divided into zones according to difficulty.

All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult, who is fully responsible for them throughout their stay in Children’s World. A responsible adult means a person over 18 years of age.

The accompanying adult is fully responsible for any injuries to children caused by their dangerous behaviour.

Failure to comply with Children’s World rules or aggressive behaviour by children entitles staff to expel that particular visitor from Children’s World without entitlement to a refund of admission.

Entry to clean zones in Children’s World is only permitted without shoes, although socks are required for hygiene reasons.

Only food and drink purchased at the Circus Park Restaurant can be consumed on the premises, with the exception of baby food and food for people with special dietary requirements and allergies.

Consuming food, drinks, sweets or chewing gum is prohibited in the clean zones of Children’s World.

All of Children’s World is a non-smoking zone and animals are also prohibited.

Children’s World premises are monitored by a camera system for the safety of visitors. By entering Children’s World visitors expressly agree to camera recording.

Photographs for professional purposes or for the press are only permitted with the prior consent of company management.

All Children’s World attractions hold safety certificates in accordance with Czech and European Union legislation (CSN EN 1176-1 ed.2: 2018 and CSN EN 1176-10: 2009, STN EN 13219: 2009, STN EN 1176- 1: 2009, STN EN 1176-7: 2009)

The manufacturer and supplier guarantee the safety of the individual Children’s World attractions by their certificates. All Children’s World attractions are regularly checked and undergo regular inspections.

Children’s World staff are distinguishable by their clothing with the company logo and are trained for emergencies.

Staff must be informed of any injuries or accidents, and they are qualified to provide first aid.

Please follow the instructions of personnel, individual staff members and information on boards at individual Children’s World attractions.

When entering a particular Children’s World attraction, visitors must not be wearing a headscarf, scarf, jewellery or buckles.

It is forbidden to bring items, objects or materials into Children’s World that could endanger the life and health of children in Children’s World, especially irritating chemicals, pyrotechnics, weapons, matches, lighters or sharp objects.

When using Children’s World, visitors are responsible for any damage to equipment caused by negligence or intent or for damage/injury caused to other visitors.

To ensure the greatest possible safety of all visitors to Children’s World, it is forbidden to use personal toys throughout Children’s World.

It is forbidden to climb the nets at attractions or to climb up slides (inside and outside).

Accompanying adults are permitted to enter the play structure with children, where the same rules apply to them as to the children.

Individuals suffering from a contagious disease, nausea or in quarantine are prohibited from entering Children’s World.

Visitors are responsible for the loss, theft or damage of personal property during their stay in Children’s World if they fail to use the designated areas for their safe storage.

The area in front of the dressing room is designated for prams/strollers, and is marked with the appropriate pictogram. Visitors are responsible for personal items left in prams/strollers.

If the capacity of Children’s World is exceeded, staff will not to allow other visitors onto the premises for safety reasons, in which case visitors must anticipate a certain waiting time.

There is a charge for admission to Children’s World, see pricelist.

The opening hours of Children’s World are daily from 09:00 to 21:00.

Operating Rules and Rules for Visitors
“Circus Park – Children’s World”

located at Olympia Teplice Shopping Centre, Srbická 464, 415 01
Operator: BOWNESSIE s.r.o., ID No.: 061 77 43, with its registered office at K Horkám 2284/1, 149 00 Prague Chodov

List of individual Children’s World attractions

  1. HADO MONSTER BATTLE – clean zone
  3. AIR PARK – clean zone
  4. LABYRINTH – clean zone
  5. JUMPING PUDDING – clean zone
  6. 5D CINEMA – clean zone
  7. ELECTRIC CARS – clean zone
  8. KNOOCKER – clean zone
  9. TWO TOWERS – clean zone – clean zone
  10. BABY CORNER – clean zone
  11. TRAMPOLINES – clean zone
  12. CHILDREN’S SWINGS – clean zone
  13. CHILDREN’S TRAIN – clean zone
  14. CAROUSEL – clean zone
  15. GAME MACHINES – clean zone

Schools and kindergartens

Group visits by kindergarten and primary school children can be arranged on weekdays from 9am to 3pm, excluding Saturdays + Sundays + bank holidays and summer holidays.

Children must not have chewing gum, and it is forbidden to bring food and drink into the game structure.

Children must not have anything around their neck or waist – key chains, wallets, jewellery, headscarves, scarves, sharp objects or large earrings.

For hygiene reasons, children and adults who enter the game structure must wear socks.

Children’s parties

Parties can be ordered for a minimum of ___ children. Decorations will be adapted to the reported number of people attending.

It is forbidden to bring your own food and drink, with the exception your own cake.